When the concept of Galaxy fold was revealed everyone got impressed and shocked at the same time, like wow! What Samsung has achieved is completely out of the box, but with time there arrived a big question mark. The designing was such that the display could easily break and thus, damage.

Features of Samsung galaxy fold:

Wonderful Screen:

The device has both inside and outside display which makes it stand out in comparison with other device’s. The outer display is a 4.6-inch HD + Super AMOLED panel with a 21:9 aspect ratio. The inner/main display of the Galaxy Fold is a large 7.3-inch QXGA + Super AMOLED panel with a form factor of 4.2:3. Its screen design is so different, that it gives you the same experience as of holding a book in your hands, which is completely different from what we feel while using other device’s.


The fold technology allows users to perform multiple tasks at the same time as you can open your Gmail and any other application at the same time. This is because the device provides us with the feature of a split screen.

Outstanding Camera:

The Samsung Galaxy fold comes with six cameras, which is a first. The camera setup of Galaxy fold is the same as Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus, so, without doubt, their performance is excellent. The three main cameras are found on the rear of the device, with a 12MP main sensor (f/1.5-f/2.4, OIS) joined by a 12MP telephoto lens (f/2.4, OIS) and a 16MP ultra-wide angle lens (f/2.2). You get one, 10MP (f/2.2) camera on the front of the Galaxy Fold, above the 4.6-inch display and when you open the device you get the other two cameras in a notch of which one is a 10MP camera and the other is an 8MP (f/1.9) depth-sensing camera.


When a company is offering so many good and fantastic features in a device it’s obvious that its pricing will be on the higher side. It has been priced at $2000, a new high for any mass production phone. After entering the market it’ll become the most aspired phone, but actually very few people will be able to buy it and that itself says something.

Free buds:

The company is seeming to offer Wireless earbuds with the phone, which is quite the eye – catcher. Though if we keep in mind the pricing of the phone we’ll realise that the earbuds are actually not for free. Thus, making a person think twice before purchasing the device.

What actually happened after its launch?

The biggest issue with the phone is its fold. Many people broke their phone while testing it. Some people broke their preventive layer because they were not told to use it with caution. Generally, we can use our phone single-handedly but with Galaxy fold, there’s a drawback, according to which one cannot compromise using it single-handedly because that can cause the fold to break.

It is too much in weight that fold weight for almost half a pound. Its thickness is twice a normal cellphone when it’s folded. Multi-window is not as good as it looks like when you opened two apps and try to open third it will not realistically support. It has another disadvantage that it’s not water resistant.

The weight of the phone is the other issue. The phone weighs around half a pound, which is more than what the other phone weigh, also the thickness of the phone doubles after being folded, which is also something to worry about. The list doesn’t stop here though, the multi-window of the phone is reported to be unsatisfying, it works fine till the time one has two applications opened at the same time, but when you try to open the third application the phone realistically doesn’t support it. The phone is also said to be not-water resistant which is a bummer.

The company originally planned to roll out its foldable phone on April 26 but was forced to delay the launch after several units sent out to reviewers broke down during testing. The device’s screen was shown to be vulnerable to debris ingress. After this, the launch date was postponed for a week or so for during which the company offered to solve the issues related to the phone and make it available for sale. Though that one week has supposedly passed but no launch has taken place and from further research, it is now being said that the launch will probably take place on 31st May or so.

Lastly, there’s one question that’ll still be hanging around, and that is “Even if there’s no issue with the phone, how many people will be actually willing to buy it?”

After its launching in the market, people start complaining about that. There were negative reviews in the start. On 17th April there come four reviews about Samsung galaxy fold. They complained that fold have been started breaking and screen turns black while using it. Samsung has established a review unit and said that they have tested 20,000 units and are still on track to launch it on 26th of April. Within a week they make sure to their customers that they will strengthen screen protection and they will do this in coming weeks to make this device available for customers to purchase. 

Suppose there are no production issues there is still a question mark will people carry out these folded phones with them to browse Facebook or YouTube.


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