Let’s have a first look at the most anticipated phone of 2019 so far from Samsung. If we talk about the design, this phone looks pretty good. It’s actually very nice.

There are 3 main improvements and a lot of small ones. Let’s talk about the main ones first:

  1. Display
  2. Fingerprint
  3. Cameras


It’s got a 6.1-inch display. They continued the tradition of having the best display in any phone for a couple of years. They are not stopping there, it continues to get better. They got 90 plus per cent screen to body ratio and it’s still a super high resolution with a 19 by 9 tall aspect ratio. It is now also a HDR 10 plus certified.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Display

For the front camera, they used the laser-cut hole in the AMOLED panel. The front camera is 10 Megapixel.

Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung Galaxy S10 has officially moved to the ultrasonic under the glass fingerprint reader which is pretty awesome. They got some advantages:

  1. They are faster.
  2. They don’t need to shine up super bright light on your finger to read, so it will be less annoying.
  3. It can read the fingerprint even before waking up the display at all.


Yup, it’s plural because it got 3 cameras at the back.

  • One main camera
  • One telephoto camera
  • One super wide camera

The main camera is the 12 Megapixel sensor dual aperture F/1.5 or 2.4 with OIS. The telephoto camera is also a 12 Megapixel sensor with F/2.4 OIS. The super wide camera, it doesn’t have OIS but you hardly need it anyway at 123 degrees and it opens up to F/2.2.

It will switch the camera automatically on and off depending on the zoom

Other Changes

Let’s talk about other changes.

  • The batteries are now significantly bigger. Galaxy S10 is now 3400mah battery.
  • It includes snapdragon 855.
  • It contains 8GB of ram with 128GB of Storage. There is also a version which includes 8GB ram with 512GB of Storage. Storage can be expandable with the use of a microSD card.
  • They are now running Samsung’s new improved One UI which is actually pretty different from the previous version of Samsung skins
  • You can now wirelessly charge other Samsung devices by placing it on the back of Galaxy S10. They call it wireless power share as known as reverse wireless charging.
Wireless Share


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