Ever since Apple has revised its policy and decided to release new models of its products every year, the complaints of consumers and quality has seemingly downgraded. Not only are the buyers unable to keep up with new purchases but they are also stuck at making decisions if they are to buy the new release or the extended model of the said new release, with each announcement.

Although Apple has made MacBook very streamlined with an upgrade on its features and looks, it seems that the old-school Apple users are being left out of the equation.

Apple revamped the MacBook Pro 2018 with a nifty internal change as it now consists of 8th generation processors and faster SSDs, boosting its speed. The display is notably improved, granting it True Tone. However, not all the issues were fixed with the keyboard and it retains its battery level from the older tech.

The MacBook Pros with its new addition of 9th gen processor are now Apple’s most prized production. The cheapest of the line consists of a 2.3ghz 8-core 9th gen Intel Core i9 (with a turbo boost of up to 4.8 GHz approx) CPU with 16GB memory (RAM) , a Radeon Pro 560X graphics (GPU) and a 512GB SSD storage, cashing in at $2,799.

MacBook Keyboard

Most of the consumers have complaints regarding the stiff keyboard, the problematic touch bar and even the soldered RAM. There’s no official press release of changes made to these flawed areas and many fans are hoping that the new release is redesigned or modified to purge these flaws to a minimum at least. So far, Apple has only announced about a 9th gen change to its 15 inch model along with the 10nm Ice Lake chips at CES 2019.

Another notable problem with the models, is the Thunderbolt 3 being inconvenient and not enough ports to go with it. There are not enough ports and it also does not support many other devices and accessories, which kind of boils down to the fact that buying various offshoots of accessories just means Apple cashing in on our wallets.

Additionally, users will be happier to have a bigger screen as noted in the feedback, but Apple hasn’t paid attention to this, nor to the queries and complaints of customers concerned about the messy Touch bar. Another feature which lacks the MacBook, is the addition of 4k screen option, which is surprising as it is a laptop designed to edit 4k media.

It’s highly unlikely that Apple will provide us with a complete redesign in 2019, as it has already unveiled the new Mac Pro 2019 at the WWDC 2019 Keynote event. In addition, there has been no MacBook update last year. Though nowadays, companies are focused on what the users or consumers want. It affects their PR and sales drastically, so there might still be hope for a complete redesign before the official release. Or at least a design revamp by the year 2021, it’s all speculation at this point.


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