So apparently, Apple has officially made a separate OS for the iPad, which is a huge upgrade and renovation to the iPad features. The public beta will be out soon enough, which is likely going to be Apple’s favorite month ‘September’. Probably in September 2019, the public can test out the software beta and check in on the perks that we are about to mention.

But before we get into the bigger scoop, there’s the question of which models are going to get the update? According to Apple’s official statement “iPad Air 2 and later, all iPad Pro models, iPad 5th generation and later, and iPad mini 4 and later” are going to receive the blessed iPad iOS update when its released.

This statement means that the older models, the original iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 3 are out of the update equation.


New Screen:

So the very first noticeable change is the “New iPad iOS home screen”. Evidently, the app icons are locked in a tighter grid, which means there’s more room for other stuff to be displayed. One can also display the ‘Today View’ in the empty space on display, all thanks to the tighter grid of apps. Or you can just go ahead and put in your favorite widgets like a boss!

Newer ways to Multitask:

The new iOS in iPad focuses on the multitask ability in its little miracle machine.

With the drag-drop interface, it’s now easier to switch between apps. But what’s more interesting is the ‘Split View’ feature. With this option, you can use two different apps or open tabs of the same app, side by side.

The feature ‘Slide View’ allows the user to push or pull the app in a side winder, over another app or tab, so you can be at ease and do your own thing in a jiffy.

Additionally, Apple remembered to add in Mac’s Exposé feature with which the user can get an overview of all the open applications. That’s a really handy tool and you can multitask as well as a jump in between multiple apps quickly.

iPad OS Image

iPad iOS gets a USB drive and SD card support:

There’s good news for users who tend to use external storage devices. With the new upgrade, the iPadOS will facilitate the users with the ability to plug a USB drive or SD card reader into the iPad. The Files app will read the plugin and the user will enjoy managing their data between their external storage and that of iPad.

Files app are also going to show a ‘Column View’ which seems like an add on at the display aesthetics of iPad. Furthermore, folder sharing will be available via iCloud and it’s also going to show the data present in a plugged USB or SD card.

New iPad iOS gestures:

Another huge upgrade includes the new gestures of the iPadOS. Here are a few that we are familiar with; three-finger pinch to cut, three-finger splay to paste, three-finger swipe to undo. Sounds cool!

Some apps will allow you to shrink the keyboard with two fingers and use it as an iOS mobile keyboard.

Mouse support for iPad iOS:

iPadOS does support connecting a mouse to your iPad, though it’s not something you’ll find front-and-center on the official iPad iOS features list.

Although some developers have tweaked around and were successful with using a mouse, it’s still a doubtful feature as Apple hasn’t placed it in the official list. So we hope that in future it is officially and efficiently added to the myriad features.



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