The best smartwatch just got better!

The Apple smartwatch series 4 is the best thing that Apple announced at its latest event. It’s about time we got something like this.

Series 4 is the first real redesign of the Apple watch and it’s massively better in a lot of ways, more powerful, more modern, more functional and more fun.

It comes into two sizes:

  • 40mm Case
  • 44mm Case

Thanks to the bezels shrinking so much, you get the way bigger screen. A 30% bigger screen area in the same size body.

It’s also got the rounded corners which match the shape of the watch. Overall it’s lightweight, thinner and a modern looking watch.

This is the LTE connected watch and that red dot from the last generation has turned into more of a ring.

The sensor array on the back is now ceramic and looks way better than the previous generation of Apple watches.

The mic is now moved from one side to another and now it’s further from the speaker which is functionally better.

The bands from the previous years are all still compatible with the new one.

Using the watch software now feels better than the previous generation of Apple watches.

They made all the buttons bigger and much easier to press and all the fonts and texts larger and easier to read. It makes the surface area of the watch very comfortable.

Using maps and photos on the watch now feels way better than the previous generation of watches.

There are now some new watch faces which look super good on an OLED display.

Large screen and great design are the biggest reasons to buy this new watch. There are two other reasons as well. One is the new specs. It’s faster than the previous generations of the apple watches. It got the S4 chip inside. The second reason is the new feature, Apple tossed in the watch like the walkie-talkie. If you want to talk to the people but don’t want to call them, then this feature is for you. It will enable push to talk feature.

It got the fall detection feature. If you fall and don’t move for a while, it will automatically call emergency services and notify your emergency contact.


It also has an EKG feature which is extremely impressive. It’s not available yet, but when it is available, you can hold down the watch crown which will connect the circuit, and the watch can accurately read your heart and produce an EKG that you can export as a PDF and send to your doctor directly. It will detect things like irregular heart rhythm, a fib.

Things which are not in the watch:

  • There is no sleep tracking at all
  • There are no completely custom watch faces, just the customization of the one’s which apple made
  • There is no always-on mode

This is the best smartwatch by far all over again and obviously, the one to get if you have an iPhone. It’s the best productivity watch, the best for notifications and responses to them, the best fitness watch and the best health tool on your wrist now.

The price ranges a lot based on the size and material and whether you go with LTE or not ranging from $399 to $900.


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